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Simple Tags

Just added the Simple Tags plugin for WordPress. Perfect simply little plugin that just works

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Broadband in Zagreb and Travel in Central Europe

Back in the polite surfeit calm land of the Brit, I can contemplate the smoky dens of eating and a constant need to argue; just a little bit.

A vegetarian travelling in the modern era usually discovers the most difficult thing is finding a place to eat where the meal beast is not as common as wheat and people don’t have trouble understanding the exact mean of “I eat no meat” (wo bu chi rou). Yes, that means no fish. While in snow-bound Central Europe this time, instead the most difficult thing was the combination of central heating and smoking. Pretty soon just the smell of heat was sufficient to create the feeling of being surrounded by several tables of smokers in a small oily room.

Maybe the essential oil of smoke had embedded itself into my nose hairs.

The best value though, was finding comfort in the joys of my new snow jacket, while discovering the four borders on the midnight bus between Zagreb and Vienna. I guess with the European borders about to move, low-traffic night time is a great time to practice border control computer skills.

Doesn’t help much with sleep though.

Final word on ADSL in Croatia, seems that being owned by Germans and having a monopoly means that only Siemens modems work for DSL in Zagreb. Shame they don’t tell you that at the computer store when you are buying a Netgear Wireless ADSL Router. Instead after several days of trying, phoning, asking and tinkering, you then find a second hand Siemens SE515 that just works.

Maybe New Zealand Telecom isn’t so bad after all.

Got to go for the cakes though!

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Notebook skins

Whiles reading an article about the new Macbook last night I discovered this cool product: Aspoke custom notebook skins. Here is a cool example. These things are bound to make excellent gifts.

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That time of year again. This time I follow the plan!

Visiting relatives who cook little cakes is very dangerous at this time of year. So I’ve backtracked five kilos. Maybe I can blame it on a summer/winter weight thing, travelling from summer in NZ to winter in the UK with the accompanying system stock. Regardless its time to follow a plan, I need to find a better system which can deal with a lot of the travelling I’m doing at the moment. Combination of software and a good system. Here are few places to start:

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Grow your brain with by meditating

From dirtSimple, Grow your brain with by meditating. Dirt Simple is a pretty cool site, with interesting articles about Mind 1.99 beta.

Also from but she’s a geek, a classification of productivity archetypes in an article about the Tinker, Tailor, Soldier and Spy.

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Snow in Croatia. Sve najbolje!

I’m traveling in Croatia at the moment, it was pretty snowy when I arrived. Unfortunately due to some personal stuff, we missed out on the mountain spa resort town, Bled. So its only traveling Croatia and Vienna this time.

Sve najbolje! All the best for the New Year.

Snow in Croatia

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Website design

For your friends and family who don’t understand the web design process, show them this site. Should help explain things you you point out that, being a developer you talk in 1 and 0s.

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