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The bookmarklet solution to the password problem

Simon Willison discusses a neat method for dealing with the internet password problem: The bookmarklet solution to the password problem.

Personally I’ve have a small set of passwords I use for many of my internet accounts. Its hard to tell at the start of use whether an internet account might become important. Then laziness dictates that I don’t replace them at a later stage.

This method for generating a “unique password” which is easy to remember for each site is an excellent method for increasing overall security.

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kdm 3.3 failes to start ssh-agent

New kdm (3.3) in unstable fails source /etc/X11/Xsession and thus ssh-agent. Here’s the bug report with a work around:
Debian Bug report logs – #265865 – kdm doesn’t use common modular Xsession from xfree86-common.

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New Monitor

LCD monitor prices are finally coming back to sanity. So its time to make an investment in my eyes. I find after a day looking at my Philips 109P that my eyes can often be quite tired. Conversely when back when I used my Toshiba Tecra 8100 everyday I found the 14″ LCD screen very easy to look at.

There are a few choices out there. The many thing is getting something with a fast response time, so if I want I can fire up Half-Life 2 or whatever and have an enjoyable game. The other thing to decided is monitor size, 19″ or 20″? That of course is a cost decision, certainly the price difference between the 17″ and 19″ is such now that the 19″ is the better buy. I’m used though to using 1600×1200 with a large font on my CRT monitor and of the that I’d need a 20.1″ LCD. Question is, should I pay the 1K more for that 1″?

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The Girl Next Door

Went out with a couple friends last night. Was one of those situations where you have to deal with movie selection. As you might expect that can be difficult. Ignoring the movie one person has already seen (Bourne Supremacy) and everyone else wants to see. Finding the movies that nobody has seen, but not including the movie (Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story) that one person particular doesn’t want to see.

That sorted we ended up going to seeing The Girl Next Door. Surprising it was enjoyable. Slightly different take of romantic comedy. So many moments where it could have gone all bad, but enough twists to keep you satisfied. As per usual with Hollywood, its important to suspend belief.

I’d say if you seen all the other good movies and you want to have a fun night out, its definitely worth the movie ticket.

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American politics! This flash movie is quite interesting. Got the link from a friend. This CEO test for Bush should also be read.

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Slashdot | Delta Compression for Linux Security Patches?

Don’t you hate it when you have to download a 50Mb deb, just because the developer has changed one line in debian/*. I think someone some work on a binary patch system not just for security releases but for all updates.

Work on the principle subversion uses. DIskspace is cheap and bandwidth is expensive.

While we are at it the other thing Debian needs is mastermerge.

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pgLOGd is a nice similar system for logging apache entries to postgres.

Now to find a decent php or python based log analyser, then hack it to use pgLOGd.

Update: This guy has a nice analysis of log analysers tools: Log Analyzer. Before I saw this though I pretty much figured that AWStats was the way to go.

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Cat Doors

Time to get a cat door and get rid of the hole under the house the cats have been using up until now.

These guys look like they have the best selection: The Cat Door Company and this door looks the best. We definitely need some sort of the controlled entry door here as the cat density in our area exceeds the human density. The question is though, will our 16 year old cat Grey like wearing a collar.

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Permanent Lenses in Sight

Here is an option for those of us who aren’t sure if LASIK is the way to go: Permanent Lenses in Sight.

I’m wondering if in a few years time, this might be a method to implant electronic eyes.

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