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Envelope Maths

Chris Pratley talks about the 1% for art features of the new OneNote 2007.

Having trained as a mathematician I naturally reach for an envelope whenever I need to work out some quick equations or sort out some rough numbers while processing business transactions. These pieces of paper all add to the mess flying around my desktop. So the thought of being able to do this with a Tablet+Pen in OneNote is turning me further towards the Tablet.

Update: The is also a very cool looking tablet maths app from xThink. Some details on evalution version here.

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Traffic Waves

Great discussion on the the physics behind traffic jams.

One of the crazy things about driving in Auckland is that I find it is common to see a grandmother with kids in the back seat running red lights. In one case, I had a “grandma with kid car” next to me, she was speeding up for a yellow. Then she saw a police car about to enter the intersection from the cross direction. She had more than enough time to stop, but it was obvious that without the cop, she’d have run that red light.

The most annoying about driving in Auckland are the drivers that get onto the motorway, pull straight into the right (fast) lane and sit on 90. Its like they prefer cars overtaking them on the left. Transit NZ should start putting “Keep Left” signs on the motorway.

I think there is a shortage of “smart motorist” in Auckland.

While we are on this topic, I have this one comment. More roads do not mean less congestion. They simply mean bigger car parks for when the population of the town has increased and the balance between car ownership vs no public transport infrastructure meets needing to work on the other side of town.

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Strang on Video

Always enjoyed Strang book, now he has some video lectures up on the net: 18.06 Linear Algebra Videos Fall 1999.

By this account the video lectures are very good.

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