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Fast OS Switching with the Mac Mini

Fast OS Switching a good reason to consider the Mac Mini as your next workstation.

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IFolder server finally!

The 3.5 version of the IFolder Server has just been released as open source. Yah!

I’ve been wanted to running this for a while as it seems like a well tested system that works well with offline files and is cross-platform. There are even build instruction for Dapper, plus config details. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to test this some time in the next month or so.

Update: Notes on builder IFolder Server on X68_64. Unfortunately it looks a little tricky. Seems I’ll have to figure running a 32bit userland on a 64bit xen kernel. I think they might be some problems with 64bit modules and 32bit modutils, have to check in the mailing list.  Also see this review with some good comments.

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xargs and svn mv

Here is a xargs shell tip for moving several subversion controlled files.

find . -name \*.html  | xargs -n1 -I '{}'  svn mv  {}  ../archive/

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The Ur-Quan Masters

Star Control II was one of the best games ever, now its been released as open source and remaster: The Ur-Quan Masters.

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kontrawize: VMware Server versus VMware Workstation

Some useful notes about VMware Server versus VMware Workstation

If, like me, you run VMware on a laptop, you face the issue of what happens to your VMware sessions when the host’s battery runs out of power, and the host wants to shut down. Neither Workstation nor Server does a perfect job of shutting down the guest sessions cleanly before the host shuts down, not in my experience, but Server definitely does a better job.

and from part 4

The actual limitation is that it doesn’t support sound when your client console is connected to a remote machine running VMware Server. The sound appeared to be disabled in my guest sessions on my laptop initially (i.e. the sound icon had a ‘disabled’ icon superimposed on it), which confused me. I’m not sure what changed, to be honest, but the sound is fine now, and it does indeed work for the client sessions on my laptop.

This guy has a good review.

At the moment I also trying out Parallels which is the only system to use the Core Duo VT features. Unfortunately Parallels doesn’t seem to be able to import the VMware disk images I’ve been using.

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Cleaning up the initial samba passdb.tdb

Following on from the previous receipe: Bash, looping over stdin, here is a better method:

sudo pdbedit -L | cut -f1 -d: | grep -v nic | xargs -n1  sudo pdbedit -x<a href="">

Remove all entries except for “nic”.

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Microsoft give up on Security

From Cringely’s A Whole New Ball Game:

Last week, a Microsoft data security guru suggested at a conference that corporate and government users would be wise to come up with automated processes to wipe clean hard drives and reinstall operating systems and applications periodically as a way to deal with malware infestations. What Microsoft is talking about is a utility from SysInternals, a company that makes simply awesome tools.The crying shame of this whole story is that Microsoft has given up on Windows security. They have no internal expertise to solve this problem among their 60,000-plus employees, and they apparently have no interest in looking outside for help. I know any number of experts who could give Microsoft some very good guidance on what is needed to fix and secure Windows. There are very good developers Microsoft could call upon to help them. But no, their answer is to rebuild your system every few days and start over. Will Vista be any better?


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