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I’ve been playing around with Chrome from Google for a short while and what I’ve seen so far I like.

Best feature to me so far is the seperate memory spaces for each tab – I actually like this idea. Firefox is a real PITA when it comes to memory. Especially on a laptop with long running firefox processes, and being able to kill a tab and see the memory completely go is good. I’m not sure how exactly Chrome works – but if the application code is cached and only the data specific to each tab is in separate process and memory space then it is probably efficient enough.

It will be interesting when more of the plugins from Firefox get portable or written for Chrome. I’d also like to see a portable version.

Check out the Chrome Book at Google Books – has some useful information.

For now I think I will be using Chrome and Firefox together. Chrome is definitely a very good replacement for Prism which still suffers from Firefox issues. Running Gmail in Chrome with application shortcuts is very easy. And the method is uses to load links from Gmail and GReader in the main window is very cool.

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AideRSS + GoogleReader Firefox extension

AideRSS and their GoogleReader Firefox extension seem to a good way to increase your productivity when reading feeds with GoogleReader.

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Radiant CMS Script

Useful script for getting Radiant CMS installed.

I made a couple changes for my setup:

radiant --database sqlite3 $1
cd $1
echo "
  adapter: sqlite3
  database: db/production.sqlite3
  adapter: sqlite3
  database: db/test.sqlite3
" > config/database.yml

svn export vendor/extensions/00_shards
svn export vendor/extensions/page_attachments
svn export vendor/extensions/page_meta
svn export vendor/extensions/reorder
rake radiant:freeze:edge
vendor/radiant/script/plugin install acts_as_list
rake production db:bootstrap
rake production db:migrate:extensions
rake production radiant:extensions:page_attachments:update
rake production radiant:extensions:reorder:update

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Mozilla Prism

Prism is an application that lets users split web applications out of their browser and run them directly on their desktop.” I’ve been waiting for something like Prism for a while, a means to pull out some of the long run tabs I use for webapps. It is often a PITA when your browse hangs because of some flaky site and you can’t access your other tabs. Prism still seems to use one thread: XULrunner. So it might not be a complete solution if you have several webapps and one causes problems for the others.

Plus flash doesn’t seem to be working at the moment. This might or might not be a good thing. Flash is one of the main causes of memory issues in Firefox. I have a couple sites using flash, the FX Oanda tracker for example, that I would like to split out of main Firefox browser.

Prism seems to handle http links intelligently. I’m guessing that links to external sites a passed-thru. At least with both Gmail and GReader it works as you would expect.

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Gmail gets IMAP – Finally!

Excellent news: Gmail gets IMAP.

Note the comment at the end about logging out and in again. This seemed to work for me.

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Google Books

Google has just released a personalised version of Google Books. It looks quite cool. I’ve been meaning for a while to move my delicious monster library set to librarythings, might have to consider Google Books instead.

From lifehacker.

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Most of my mobile devices have management tools for difference auto-config at locations. Devicescape seems to be a more generic free option, that would make it easier setup new device and manage the config information generically over several devices. I’m not sure I understand their business model yet though.

From jkontherun.

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Official Office 2.0 Setup

Quite a useful list of Office 2.0 applications that are being used at the Office 2.0 Conference.

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New Stats Plugin for WordPress

Even though it didn’t work out, one of the reasons I was keen to stay on was the stats page they had. Now you can get the wp-stat to do the same for a self-hosted wordpress blog.

From. Photo Matt.

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wp-cache has been causing issues

The wp-cache plugin has been causing issues with my host, of some reason after a period of time it causes the php.cgi process to be killed by dreamhost’s process memory limiter. Since the site isn’t really that high volume, I’ve turned it off for now.

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