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OQO2 the most efficient UMPC

All the demo videos that have been shown around the net at the moment for the OQO2 have been very compelling. This report just adds to the geek allure: ‘Worlds most efficient UMPC’ title falls to OQO. I suggest also reading the Gadgeteer review, it covers a good amount of detail.

The VIA UMD platform is efficient, I know that, and until now its not really been used to its limits.but in this report from The Gadgeteer (great review) they talk about 2.5 hours real world usage with the 16W/hr battery. Excuse me, did you just say that the QOQ Model O2 consumes an average of 6.6 watts of power?

From ultramobile life.

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hx4700 WM5 Update Finally avaliable

I’m downloading the update now, it comes in at a massive 332Mb. It’s coming down at a reasonable rate, so we’ll see how it goes once its here. From: hx4700 Windows Mobile 5.0 Upgrade @ Mobility Today.

As a sidenote, I’ve been thinking recently of replacing the hx4700 with a UMPC. I’ve been using a Treo 650 which is a much better PDA than the hx4700. A good UMPC would be light enough to still provide me with the primary function I now use the hx4700 for, which is reading ebooks. Plus it could add some functionality in combination with a large Tablet. The Tablet being a workspace and the UMPC provide a notepad. We’ll see things go once I finally have a tablet and have been using it for a while.

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Tablet Comparison

I’ve put together a quick comparison tablet for the tablets I’m considering at the moment.

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Envelope Maths

Chris Pratley talks about the 1% for art features of the new OneNote 2007.

Having trained as a mathematician I naturally reach for an envelope whenever I need to work out some quick equations or sort out some rough numbers while processing business transactions. These pieces of paper all add to the mess flying around my desktop. So the thought of being able to do this with a Tablet+Pen in OneNote is turning me further towards the Tablet.

Update: The is also a very cool looking tablet maths app from xThink. Some details on evalution version here.

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Which tablet to get?

I’ve decided by next portable laptop will be a tablet. While in the UK over December/January I thought a bit about how I work and what methods I could find to improve my approach to work management. Particularly the constant pieces of paper floating around my deskspace which I like to then carry around in my backpack, and when I’m brainstorm how I like to draw diagrams and hand write notes quickly. Stuff which doesn’t work very well with a normal computer. Further reading and many blogs about tablets which all pointed at OneNote pretty much decided me on the matter. Then last week I had a chance to play around with a HP tc4200 then a Fujitsu T4010. Handwriting works, and its pretty amazing.

Most of last year I was dead keen on getting a Powerbook. Buying a Mini Mac clued me of that. Then being able to run NX desktops clued me having requiring Linux to running on my laptop. For the last three months I was using a IBM R52 just running WinX. With my NX desktop on the other side of the world I contained myself within WinXP. Annoying at times, but most of the time I was only using Firefox, Thunderbird and Openoffice. Not problems. The main thing that happened during this period was I discovered that WinXP is not so bad to run after. There is some really good WinXP software out there. Thus using WinXP Tablet edition is now not an automatic cross of the list transaction.
Question now of course is: which tablet do I get?

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