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Vim and indents

A few useful vim indenting links:

This is the most useful bit when pasting into a vim window.

nnoremap :set invpaste paste?
set pastetoggle=

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Infrastructure Management

Mike has a whole pile of useful entries on infrastructure management for Linux and Debian with puppet and other tools. Also check out this quick look at puppet.

In the new year I’m planning to set up a lab system and build some knowledge on using puppet as a Xen system and domain deployment tool. Looking at Mike’s site it seems he might have already done much of the work for me.

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Zfs booting – some cool stuff.

b62 is probably a couple months away, so I’m no doubt going to have to learn how to BFU solaris before I can try out zfs booting. However when I do it should be easier to go further: Friday fun with BFU and ZFS root. Also a script to automate the grub and zfs booting process.

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ZFS Boot

ZFS Boot is going to make things a lot to try out with Opensolaris. Snapshot based system upgrades is a very interesting feature.

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Solaris Wishlist – Lose the PhDs

I really respect Jonathan Schwartz, he has made Sun and Solaris worth considering again. He seems to combined the best qualities of a visionary big company leader who understands technology. A geek who can explain things to big business. Not an straight-forward combination.

For along time Sun was the heart of Unix, but with the advent of GNU+Linux and building of the open-source community in the late 90s Sun has fallen well behind the innovation cycle. Currently people do not (in general) create and use products like Xen, Zimbra, Alfresco, or Asterisk on Solaris. Companies like Google and Paypal use Linux at the edge to drive deployment and increase their innovation productivity, maybe leaving Solaris to the backend traditional well-structured heavy loads.

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ZFS online replication

Zfs is moving pretty quickly. milek’s blog: ZFS online replication

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PC vs Mac – The Novell Linux version

Novell parody on the Apple ads. The second one is very clever.

From: Wired, via Crave and digg.

Third one via the youtube site:

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A Look at Conary

Conary: An innovative second-generation package manager

I agree with the review that all the conary jargon is very confusing.  Seems to be worth the effort though as conary might provide in the long run a good system for not just building software appliances, but a useful system for managing a large number of Linux systems.

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RaidZ discussion

Discussion on the pros and cons of raid-z vs mirroring: WHEN TO (AND NOT TO) USE RAID-Z from Bizarre ! Vous avez dit Bizarre.

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ZFS Best Practices Guide – Siwiki

Useful zfs guide: ZFS Best Practices Guide.

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