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Dreamhost has been killing processes

Dreamhost has been killing processes, causing this blog to go down.

Dreamhost either have reduced their memory limit tolerance for processes, they use a php5.cgi rather than mod_php system. Or something strange has happened to my install set to trigger some issues. In fact even with all the plugins deactivated, I still need to move the plugin directory away in order to access the front page.

Strangely enough they suggested I use wp-cache, but after some testing I discovered this is the very plugin that is causing the problems. I’m working though this at the moment, but the blog should be back.

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Google CRM

Google are really opening up their platform for other people to develop interesting apps. Like this CRM, check the video demos it is quite functional and seems to be well integrated with some other Google apps. Even has the mandatory Outlook sync plug-in. I wonder if they have add an interface to gtalk/gchat, might be useful for handling incoming SIP calls, sending alerts, etc.

From the google blog.

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