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American politics! This flash movie is quite interesting. Got the link from a friend. This CEO test for Bush should also be read.

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pgLOGd is a nice similar system for logging apache entries to postgres.

Now to find a decent php or python based log analyser, then hack it to use pgLOGd.

Update: This guy has a nice analysis of log analysers tools: Log Analyzer. Before I saw this though I pretty much figured that AWStats was the way to go.

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Permanent Lenses in Sight

Here is an option for those of us who aren’t sure if LASIK is the way to go: Permanent Lenses in Sight.

I’m wondering if in a few years time, this might be a method to implant electronic eyes.

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TCP window scaling and broken routers

Something to be aware of when you upgrade to, TCP window scaling and broken routers:

In the 2.6.7 kernel, the default scale factor is zero; in Linus’s BitKeeper tree and the 2.6.7-mm kernels, instead, it has been increased to seven. This change has brought the broken router behavior to light; suddenly people running current kernels are finding that they cannot talk to a number of systems out there. One of the higher-profile affected sites is Gentoo users are, unsurprisingly, not pleased.

In the mean time, anybody running a current kernel who is having trouble connecting to a needed site can work around the problem with a command like:

echo 0 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/tcp_default_win_scale

or by adding a line like:

net.ipv4.tcp_default_win_scale = 0

to /etc/sysctl.conf.

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Earth at Night part ii

Following up from the Earth at Night post a few days back, here is a slashdot post with a link to a site with a population density map.

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Earth at Night

Astronomy Picture of the Day is a constant source of interesting view-points on our universe.

I think it would be revealing if we overlayed a population density with todays picture. You would probably see which parts of the world have a high level of living compared to those that don’t.

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Removing passphrases

I usually forget this exact recipe.

openssl rsa -in privkey.pem -out server.key

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Went hunting for some more electric sheep backgrounds and discovered this site. There are also some good pictures here.

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