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Graphical US Election 2004 Results

Very good graphic of the US Election 2004 Results. Its interesting how the large population areas are bluer, but the wide open low density spaces in the center are solid red.

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Collapsable sidebars

Collapsable sidebars, a useful method that I’ll have to work on for this site. This guy also has a nice layout, with ideas worth copying.

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The IMMS author also has this application: FunFS, a secure replacement for NFS:

The primary design goals of FunFS are reliability, security and performance. To achive these goals, FunFS uses an unconventional approach to network filesystems: it moves the majority of the filesystem implementation to userspace.

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One day it would be nice to fly or lift some how into space.

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video card list

I’ve found The Unofficial Video Card List very useful over the last couple months when examining different video card options.

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Been meaning to put together another discussion about personal-google, but haven’t found the time to collect my ideas. Dowser is something I think that might be very useful is the development of this:

Dowser is a research tool for the web. It clusters results from major search engines, associates words that appear in previous searches, and keeps a local cache of all the results you click on in a searchable database. It helps you keep track of what you find on the web.

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Reviews LOOX 720

Even though my Psion is doing everything I need at the moment, this PDA is still quite high on my wish list. Anyway I need to do some business development work, with PDAs and RFID or barcode scanners sometime soon.

Firstloox also has a nice comparison of the recently release VGA PDAs. The ASUS models also look nice.

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Debian-nVidia HOWTO

Following up on the ATI post, here is a decent HOWTO for Debian and nVidia.

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ATI Linux driver

I’ve been thinking about a new video card. Ran across the follow link which will be useful if I get an ATI card: ATI Linux driver packages for Debian. Although this combined with this and a AMD64 shuttle is top of my list at the moment.

Passive cooling is also an option for sound reduction.

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CRM part iii

Still considering which CRM product to use. Although it seems there is really only three good choices in the LAMP/OSS world.

SugarCRM has released a new 2.0 version. This time round there is some difference between the OSS and professional versions. Here is a useful review of this new version. One of its major new features is a Calender plug-in. There is a quotes modules in the professional edition. However, the main feature missing from the OSS version which the Pro version has is decent ACLs.

SugarCRM also has a plug-in to Outlook. Given how easy it is to development plugins to Thunderbird/Firefox it would be nice to see something like this for Sunbird whenever it gets a extension option.

Being purely OSS driven XRMS does not have such clear cut version releases. There is some comparison here of XRMS to Sales Force, although the comments can apply to any consideration. XRMS also has a calender plug-in, although it seems to be still under littler more development.

Dark Horse CRM has released a new 2.9 version and changed it’s name to Centric CRM. Seems to have a more open OSS license now, although its hard to tell if the user number is restricted like the previous Dark Horse Free version.

In all Centric is the most mature product, although the fact it is JRE oriented makes its difficult to maintain and develop. XRMS seems development pretty rapid, although its hard to tell as the online demo is obviously not updated as much as the its commercial competitors due lack of developer time.

I suspect I’ll finally get the time to development something in the next month. So I’ll be putting these products though some testing.

One unfortunately thing, is that none of them seem to have a good work flow management system. Although I think Centric is close to something. Plus for neither has a good system for tracking internal tickets/jobs associated with other work flows related to the business. It would be nice to integrate this, at least on a simple scale.

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