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Thunderbird 0.9

New version of thunderbird has been released.

It has some really cool new features:

Also when you are installing this, have a look at this extension minimizetotray. You can combine that with these tips for speeding load times.

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IR-Virtual Keyboard

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DHTML Lemmings

Found a link to DHTML Lemmings at Slashback: Echo, Lunchbox, Questions.

Damn that’s cool.

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I’ve started reading ebooks on my Psion 5MX and sometimes like SE P800.

After downloading some stories in lit format from Fictionwise I converted to mobipocket format by first using Convert LIT and changing them to OEBF. Then with Mobipocket I created some I could read on my Psion 5MX.

I must say its very cool being able to open my Psion at exact the right page.

Some other useful ebook resources at this site.

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Couple Python Cookbook recipes

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VoIP With Linux

I’ve been meaning to pay around with VoIP for a long time. This is an interest case study about an install in the US: Installation And Securing VoIP With Linux – Softwink, Inc. [800-538-9357].

I’ll have to use something from Voicetronix that is Telepermited for NZ.

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