iFolder is one of the useful technologies that is coming out of Novell. Its something that looks very useful for both personal and business use. At the moment though its not that straight forward to use:

When we decided to build the Simias Store on the Flaim database, we partially did it because we were hoping Flaim would follow suit and become open source. Opening Flaim has not yet happened, but Simias is being kept out of distributions today, like Ubuntu, because of a proprietary license on Flaim.

There are a guides out there for Debian, but nothing aptable at the moment. So for the moment its on my todo list, and maybe once I have my new v20z Xen machine up I’ll try it out in a SuSe guest domain.

Jorge Castro has quite a few interesting comments on how he current uses iFolder and ideas about future direction. The revision control mechanism, I think, would be the most useful.

As people and business become more mobile, with tools such as SIP and WiFi making the work and living place more generic, the means by which we manage the data we drag around needs to become easier as well.

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