Xen and Debian Sarge

Some useful hints for running Debian/domU from the Xen Wiki:

I encountered the following problems when setting up Debian 3.1 as a DomU on Xen3.0 Unstable for the XenDemoLaptop:

  1. When booting, I get “Couldnt get a file decriptor referring to the console” about 100 times.
    • Fix: Remove /etc/rcS.d/S05initrd-tools.sh
  2. When booting, I get lots of “FATAL: Module blah not found”
    • Fix: Remove offending modules from file /etc/modules
  3. When booting, after it says “Starting hotplug subsystem:” some of the say “[failed]”
    • Fix: Move offending modules out of /etc/hotplug/

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