Sun to fry NetApp with FISH

From the Register, Sun to fry NetApp with FISH:

Sun Microsystems has a near-term NetApp assault in store code-named ‘FISHworks.’The FISH stands for “Fully Integrated Software and Hardware” and comes from work done by some of Sun’s top software engineers over the past year.

The first run of the technology will see Sun bundle Solaris, the ZFS file system, DTrace and a number of other software packages together on a NAS (network attached storage)-like hardware system. Sun hopes to kick NetApp where it hurts, banking on the theory that no one wants a complex, proprietary storage OS in this day and age.

This sounds pretty interesting. I’d probably pay some money for a blackbox software appliance from Sun with zfs, iscsi, cifs (samba) and nfs that just worked and I could install on a given piece of x86 hardware. Unfortunately it’ll probablybe for Sun hardware only, which will likely price it out of a usable range.

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