Nexenta Core Platform

Nexenta is a Gnu-land based, Ubuntu derived distribution with a Solaris kernel. It does lag the mainline OpenSolaris for features and bug fixes a little, but is easy to install and brings the apt-get goodness to Solaris. The have announce a new platform called: NexentaCP (Nexenta Core Platform).

NexentaCP is Dapper/LTS-based core Operating System Platform distributed as a single-CD ISO, integrates Installer/ON/NWS/Debian and provides basis for Network-type installations via main or third-party APTs (NEW).

First “unstable” b65-based ISO with ZFS/Boot-capable installer available
as usual at:

Please give it a try and start building your own APT repositories and communities today!

Note: this version of installer supports ZFS/Boot type of installations on single disk or 2 mirror configuration. For now, only “Auto” partitioning mode could be used for ZFS root partition creation.

More details on NexentaCP will be available soon.

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