I’ve been playing around with Chrome from Google for a short while and what I’ve seen so far I like.

Best feature to me so far is the seperate memory spaces for each tab – I actually like this idea. Firefox is a real PITA when it comes to memory. Especially on a laptop with long running firefox processes, and being able to kill a tab and see the memory completely go is good. I’m not sure how exactly Chrome works – but if the application code is cached and only the data specific to each tab is in separate process and memory space then it is probably efficient enough.

It will be interesting when more of the plugins from Firefox get portable or written for Chrome. I’d also like to see a portable version.

Check out the Chrome Book at Google Books – has some useful information.

For now I think I will be using Chrome and Firefox together. Chrome is definitely a very good replacement for Prism which still suffers from Firefox issues. Running Gmail in Chrome with application shortcuts is very easy. And the method is uses to load links from Gmail and GReader in the main window is very cool.

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