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Building UML Filesystems

Quick receipe for building sparse filesytems for use with User-Mode Linux.

dd if=/dev/zero of=filesystem.ext2 seek=1024 count=1 bs=4M
/sbin/mkfs -t ext2 filesystem.ext2

This produces for me an empty loopback filesystem which is only 70M in size.

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More CRM software

I find Daily Python-URL one of my best sources for new and interesting software. It had a link to an article today with mention of three “interesting enterprise-ready open source applications”, particularly SugarCRM. Following up on this application with freshmeat I found a reference to another CRM, XRMS.

Both these applications look good, not quite as functional as Dark Horse CRM but because they are LAMP applications easier to modify and upgrade. Neither currently has a calender modules, though there is some talk of adding Wed Calender to XRMS.

SugarCRM seems to have a nice interface and more features for building relations between contacts but no file attachment ability. XRMS has a cleaner interface with the ability to add plugins.

I’ll have to look closer at the code for both applications before I decided which is the better to use.

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Woman Is the Future of Man

Went to see this movie on the 23rd.

Was a some what weird exploration of Korean life. Very a raw movie, with the story not holding together very well at the end. Unless maybe if you where Korean. Unfortunately I think might have enjoyed Before Sunset instead. It happened to be on at the same time. In fact a friend told me a couple days later that she really enjoyed it.

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CRM software

This site has a huge list of different CRM software. Its doesn’t mention DarkHorseCRM which is the best I’ve found so far.

Still looking for the prefect one though.

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Some tricky stuff with

Amongst everything else, I’ve been meaning to investigate openoffice more. Particular integration with databases and simple forms. This seems to me with a bunch of simple templates it would be possible to develop some handy applications.

This guy particularly seems to have a clue. Sometimes I wish it was easier to find things like this out there.

I’ve also got to find some time to improve my cash management spreadsheets with some time series analysis. Probably should look at adding some OOo Statistics and Least Squares Fitting macros.

Also some stuff here. to check out.

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Bother Microsoft?

I wonder if this would bother Microsoft if every Apache server on the planet included this in their config.

RedirectMatch ^.*\.(ida|exe|dll).*

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