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Alfresco and IMAP

This is something I’ve been wanting in a DMS for a while. Alfresco now have native IMAP support. They also offer apt-get installable goodness for januty. It is possible there is some performance issues with the IMAP functionality, but I’m sure these will be fixed.  It might be time for me to do another review the DMS landscape.

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Upgrading wordpress – please do

A popular NZ blog I follow got infected by something like the worm mention in this post. They were running a very old version of wordpress, 2.5.X or some such. When I spoke to one of them, they said they knew they were running an old version, but their answer was move to drupal. It just had not happened yet.  While their move might be for other reasons than security, leaving a public piece of software unmaintained while waiting for a replacement is a bad idea.

Upgrading wordpress is now pretty seamless. Please follow the advice in the wordpress post.

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Sun and Oracle

There is quite a bit of commentary about Sun and Oracle.  It think it is quite clear that Java is probably the number one reason why Oracle was interested in Sun.  This Computerworld article makes an interesting point:

… And we just picked a number — $500 seemed like a magic threshold,” Ellison said. “And Scott McNealy got very sarcastic and said, ‘The heck with $500, how about $200?’ Shut up, Scott.”

But what McNealy understood was that it wasn’t in the DNA of enterprise IT vendors like Oracle and Sun to market low-cost computers for school kids. The Network Computer needed to be a thin client for corporate networks. Two years later, in September 1999, Sun introduced its Sun Ray thin client. And that’s what will fulfill Ellison’s hardware dream.

Sun’s server business does absolutely nothing for Oracle. Unix servers are a dying breed, and Intel/AMD-based servers are a commodity. Oracle will almost certainly ratchet that business down as quickly as possible, or sell it off outright, perhaps to Fujitsu. But the thin-client business is a different story. It’s not difficult to see that the future of corporate computing lies in the cloud, and that a thin-client architecture will seed it.

My main concern is zfs. But if Oracle decides to delivery application appliances with Solaris/x64 hardware, I suspect future Solaris development should be fine.

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Edit zip file in vim

Clever tip for using vim on zipped files. ie Openxml or ODF.

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Zimbra, TLS and MTU

I had some TLS incomming connection issues with my Zimbra (5.0) mail server.  Some but not all TLS connections where having this problem:

Apr  3 15:04:30 mail postfix/smtpd[7305]: timeout after DATA from

I haven’t found a conclusive solution, but the either restart postfix or adjusting the MTU on the mail server interface may fix the problem.

Some references:


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Reset Password for a LAMP webapp

Assuming the webapp uses the standard php functions and without a salt, an example like the following for weberp will work:

nic@www:/export/apps/weberp$ echo "<?php print sha1('password') . \"\n\";?>" | php;

From the mysql command line:

UPDATE www_users SET password = '5baa61e4c9b93f3f0682250b6cf8331b7ee68fd8' WHERE userid = 'nlee';
Note this changes the password to “password”.

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Updated radiant cms install script.

Follw up on my previous radiant script.

radiant  --database mysql test
# edit config/database.yml
rake production db:bootstrap
radiant --database mysql test
rake production db:bootstrap
git clone git:// vendor/extensions/reorder
cd vendor/plugins/reorder/
git reset --hard 22ed6cdbb5bd8a3a98badf661f5b0c3bae5f29b0
rake production radiant:extensions:reorder:migrate
rake production radiant:extensions:reorder:update
git clone git:// vendor/extensions/paperclipped
rake production db:migrate:extensions
rake production radiant:extensions:paperclipped:update
git clone git:// vendor/extensions/page_meta
rake production db:migrate:extensions
# Needs sudo apt-get install imagemagick librmagick-ruby1.8

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Lanuchy is a quicksilver-like key stroke application lanucher for linux and windows. Very cool.

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Windows client CIFS behavior can slow Linux NAS performance

Windows* client CIFS behavior can slow Linux* NAS performance:-

We have compared the performance of Windows* and Linux*-based CIFS* (Samba*) servers for digital media applications and found that the ext3*-based Linux server’s throughput was up to 53% lower than the Windows server’s–although both used identical hardware (Figure 1). An XFS*-based Linux server had roughly the same performance as the Windows server. Our investigation shows that the difference lies in the filesystem allocation and handling of sparse files. In particular, the Windows client makes an assumption that the CIFS fileserver uses NTFS*, a filesystem that assumes files will be data-full (not sparse). This contradicts a fundamental assumption of ext3–that files are sparse–and leads to fragmentation of files and degraded performance on ext3. Further, we’ve seen this behavior manifested for a broad range of media applications including iTunes*.

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Blog better using Zemanta

Image by chucks via Flickr

I’ve just installed Zemanta, a blogging tool which suggests pictures and links to enrich blog entries.  It bases it’s suggestions on the written content with comparisons to similar content published by other sites and bloggers. Actually seems to be quite clever.

I’My posting rate is not very high at the moment as I’m busy with a lot of business projects, but when I do this will be useful.

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