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Cheap parking in London

From Paul Kedrosky: Dude, Where’s My Maserati?:

I can’t add much to this article that makes it any stranger or more stupidly surreal than it already is. A gloriously-named Paris-based hedge fund manager — Bertrand Des Pallieres — nearly had his rare Maserati Cambiocorsa auctioned out from under him because he forget that it had been towed from a square in London back in May, and he hadn’t responded to repeated requests from Transport for London inspectors. His excuse:

In my defence, I would say that parking in the TfL car pound is not that expensive relative to the cost of parking in central London.

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Foux Da Fa Fa

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Sinfest: Am I lost in my own past?

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Dilbert’s Manager discovers OSS

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Google writes a bad check

Some humour from Google for the end of the day: Adsense Nonsense 2.0 – Google writes a bad check at mobilejones.

From gspy.

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Flight of the Concords:- First episode

I’m overseas at the moment, so updates have been a little thin. Anyway in the mean time check out this cool pilot episode from Flight of the Concords.

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Mavericks t-shirt

Friend of mine works in IT for the NZ Police, I thought these t-shirts might be good for his next ‘company’ BBQ.

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Mac killed my Inner Child

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Help Desk Pain

The Open desktop mechanic comes home too:

When my wife lodged a service call, our provider told her to cycle power and press hard reset buttons on everything. When I came home, the Mac was inoperable, broadband was gone, the router which had been working flawlessly for several years, lost all of its DSL settings, WEP keys, NAT filters and passwords. The routers WiFi had been reset to its default open state and the ISP’s call center was gone for the evening.

I’ve had a few help desks try something like this on me. Seems like a good way to get the person off the phone and forced to call the ‘techie’ friend who set it up for them or some paid onsite support.

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PS3 losing the plot

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