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Skype for Asterisk

Finally some work on an official Skype channel driver for Asterisk:

Specifically, the beta version of Skype For Asterisk is an add-on channel driver module that integrates Skype Internet calling with Asterisk-based telephony products. Skype For Asterisk also complements small and mid-sized business users’ existing services by providing low rates for calling landline and mobile phones around the world.

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Asterisk Operator Panels

Links to couple operator panels that seem to be much better than FOOP.

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Outbound context important for incoming calls

I’ve been working on getting Tribox with Asterisk and Freebpx working over the last couple weeks as well.

While reading SIP debug logs today I discovered that with Freebpx and maybe Asterisk in general the outbound context is important as well.

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