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Psion 5MX and P800 – GPRS

Used a combination of these three pages to get it GPRS working though my SonyEricsson P800 so I can use Syossh.

  1. Nokia 7110+Psion GPRS
  2. Psion 5mx – Ericsson T39m – XS4ALL – GPRS

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Comments off gives you the opportunity to “try out” open source CMS systems. Combined with CMS Matrix, its a good way to examine the options.

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SATA on Linux

Some useful information about SATA on Linux. Particularly which chip sets give hardware RAID, and the difference between the IDE and SCSI versions of the SATA drivers.

Since the SI 3112 is quite a common chipset, this is an important comment to take note.

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Mambo or Big Medium?

I’ve been looking at using Big Medium for a company website for a while. Although I’ve never had the time to get it sorted. Recently I discovered Mambo. This looks quite good, although I prefer the structure of Big Medium for the job I need done.

Another thing to add to the to-do list.

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Mailredirect for thunderbird is something I’ve been missing from mutt. Should have looked sooner.

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Migrated my UML systems to UMLazi this evening while waiting at the office for an air plane to arrive. I must say is very clever use of bash scripts and a clean system design. I need to spend a bit more time understanding how the template system works, but it seems from the discussions on its website that the author has 100s of systems running with UMLazi.

Only a couple things I felt it was lacking. Still bash is easy enough to write. 😉

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Fish Feeding

Economics applies even to fish feeding.

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M A B – Mozilla Amazon Browser

I was browsing the slashdot article about the Firefox 1.0 release when I noted this comment about MAB the Mozilla Amazon Browser.

I’ve seen XUL previously, but until I saw this an actual application I hadn’t realised that XUL was so functional. I’ll have to do some further investigation and see if there is a good RAD enviroment for XUL.

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Installing Debian on Raid1

Instruction by Jorrit Waalboer for Installing Debian on a RAID 1 pair.

Nice clean method, seems to work without having to resort to a initrd image. Not sure sure about the use of swap on a RAID 1 device, although I guess it makes re-configuration very easy.

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Election For Sale?

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