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SoftFlexâ„¢ Computer Gloves

softFLEXâ„¢ Computer Gloves come in three attractive colors

SoftFlexâ„¢ Computer Gloves look very interesting. Time to find a piece of string to measure my wrist and then see if they can ship to New Zealand.

Other than supporting the wrist they probably do a good job getting it warm and the blood flowing. Which is an added benefit over mouse gell pads.

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WikiCal Beta Demo Screencast

WikiCal is a web authoring tool for pages for publish spreadsheet like data to a website or blog. Check this screencast for some insight into how it works.

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The Future is Online – Is the cost going to drive Microsoft out of business?

I’ve read several articles about the increasing price for real estate to build data centers in “resource-rich” location. A corollary to that with a short reference in this article is the increased stock value of companies that provide efficient hardware:

Rackable Systems Inc. (RACK ), which sells highly efficient servers and data storage equipment, has more than tripled its stock price since going public in June, 2005. And a surge in demand for Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD )’s power-sipping server chips is one reason it is humbling rival Intel Corp. (INTC ).

It then struck me as I was reading this:

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Some guys are just crazy!

Prepare for Liftoff:

Walker’s idea of fun? Stretch a carbon-fiber bowstring 24 feet along a rail, fire up a jet turbine with 1,350 pounds of thrust, hit a trigger, and pull 10 gs as his craft, modeled on spaceships from Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica, shoots to the stratosphere.

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Microsoft vs Adobe

Microsoft Monitor in “There’s More to This Story” talk about the current conflict between Microsoft and Adobe over the inclusion of PDF functionality in Office 2007.

Microsoft’s largely single-sided story could put pressure on Adobe, by taking the case for PDF in Office 2007 to customers. Funny, Microsoft has for years ignored customer requests for PDF support in Office.

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