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Rolling with Ruby on Rails

Nice straight forward development walk-thru for a recipe webapp with Ruby on Rails. It would be further interesting if the author continued with in a similar comparison walk-thru to the web-application at PyWebBlog.

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Python Web development

Very comprehensive list with mini-reviews of python web development environments.

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Couple Python Cookbook recipes

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Starting some development work:- wxPython vs Python web

I’m in the process of developing a small application for stock purchase management. Basically logistics handling for purchasing containers from an overseas supplier, dealing with some forecasting for supply cycles. Few basic things.

I haven’t really done much development work a very long time, so I’m a bit rusty. I decided that I’m going to write it in python, as after looking at some of my old perl programs I realise how important it is to be able to maintain your applications even six months down the track. So I think its probably a good change to learn some python and see if its works for me. I’m quite interested in the statement I constantly have heard: “I sat down to try test some ideas and had my application written over the weekend.”

The question I’m now faced with though what UI to use. Should it be web based or maybe wxPython? Problem is when you are writing something not for yourself to use, but other users that you have to make sure that its robust and finding debugs is not going to make you hair go grey.

I gave SPE a try last week and quite liked it. I was almost ready to buy wingware, but SPE seems somewhat better. I had a play in the windows version with its interface to wxGlade. It looked very powerful, I’m figuring it might take me about a couple learning how to put basic single window applications together and maybe another ten or so, put it all together in a multi-window application.

On the web side, as many people know that are a lot of different choices for python web applications frameworks. I still have to write the data model and I’ll probably try wxPython out, but a web application is easier to deploy and upgrade, and I’m a lazy admin.

I’ve been compiling a list of references:

Still a bit of work to do.

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