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Flight of the Concords:- First episode

I’m overseas at the moment, so updates have been a little thin. Anyway in the mean time check out this cool pilot episode from Flight of the Concords.

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Upgrading to Feisty

Some details on upgrading to Feisty from Edgy.

If you run an Ubuntu server, you should use the new server upgrade system. Install update-manager-core:

      sudo apt-get install update-manager-core

Launch the upgrade tool:

      sudo do-release-upgrade

Follow the on-screen instructions

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OQO2 the most efficient UMPC

All the demo videos that have been shown around the net at the moment for the OQO2 have been very compelling. This report just adds to the geek allure: ‘Worlds most efficient UMPC’ title falls to OQO. I suggest also reading the Gadgeteer review, it covers a good amount of detail.

The VIA UMD platform is efficient, I know that, and until now its not really been used to its limits.but in this report from The Gadgeteer (great review) they talk about 2.5 hours real world usage with the 16W/hr battery. Excuse me, did you just say that the QOQ Model O2 consumes an average of 6.6 watts of power?

From ultramobile life.

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Review of RoadSync for the E-series

A review of RoadSync on the E-series.

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Quality Video on the E61

An article on improving video quality on the Nokia E61, linked from the E61 Blog. The comments on the later provide some additional useful information.

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Paralyzed Mice Walk Again

Nanotech is really starting to go forward: Paralyzed Mice Walk Again.

Samuel Stupp has a bunch of mice that used to drag their hind legs behind them when they crawled around his Illinois lab, but they have miraculously regained at least partial use of their rear legs.

Astonishingly, their severed spinal cords have been repaired, at least partly, without surgery or drugs.

All it took was a simple injection of a liquid containing tiny molecular structures developed by Stupp and his colleagues at Northwestern University. Six weeks later, the mice were able to walk again. They don’t have their former agility, but their injuries should have left them paralyzed for life.

From digg.

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Mavericks t-shirt

Friend of mine works in IT for the NZ Police, I thought these t-shirts might be good for his next ‘company’ BBQ.

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Mediagate MG-350HD

I bought a Mediagate MG-350HD on Monday after seeing it at a friends place. Although aspects of the setup are difficult to use, for example adding the wireless is a pain and the file share thing requires a guest share. However, it is overall a very nice unit to use. Video’s just play and the selection interface is probably easy enough for even my mother to understand.

Mediagate MG-350HD

I’ve put a 750Gb drive in it, and I because of this probably won’t bother too much getting the wireless work. Just wait until I’ve got the house wired with cat6. I’ve been ripping my DVDs with DVD Shrink and AGK, and this unit is a perfect to play them with. Since I’ve already got a Solaris based raidz NAS, I probably wont worry about the NAS functionality of this unit, which is after only has a single disk.

The only thing I wish was better about the unit was a web interface and wake on lan. It would then also make a very good jukebox. All that said for $300, excluding the HDD, this small unobtrusive unit does a perfect job for just playing videos.

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Mac killed my Inner Child

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