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LSI 1030 RAID Status on Linux

For a month or so I’ve been trying to get mpt-status 1.0 compiled on my new IBM x335 running Debian/Linux 2.6.10.

After finally finishing some other work tonight I start down and looked at it hard. Finally figuring out that it was missing the define macro for __user. So I added #include <linux/compiler.h>, and voilà!

$ sudo ./mpt-status
ioc0 vol 0 type IM, 2 phy, 136 GB, flags ENABLED, state OPTIMAL
ioc0 phy 0 IBM-ESXS ST3146807LC FN B25H, 136 GB, state ONLINE
ioc0 phy 1 IBM-ESXS ST3146807LC FN B25H, 136 GB, state ONLINE

Update: Well supported version of mpt-status now avaliable from ratz.

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Mutt Thread Sort By Most Recent

Using the default thread sort in mutt and reading a message that was receive today, attached to a from the start of February I had a momently realisation that it would be nice if mutt could sort the threads by the date of the most recently arrived message, rather than the first message in the thread.

Quick google and I have my answer:

set sort=threads # default sort messages by thread
set sort_browser=reverse-date # showing mbox list default to newest first
set sort_aux=last-date-received # showing threads with youngest message last

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WinXP Windows Update and Proxies

A troubleshooting item from Squid on getting WinXP WindowsUpdate to work with proxies instead of ignoring the user’s setting:

The problem was that WU did not go through the proxy and tries to establish direct HTTP connections to Update-servers. Even when I set the proxy in IE again, it didn’t help . It isn’t Squid’s problem that Windows Update doesn’t work, but it is in Windows itself. The solution is to use the ‘proxycfg’ tool shipped with Windows XP. With this tool you can set the proxy for WinHTTP.

C:\> proxycfg -p wu-proxy.lan:8080
# Set Proxy to use with Windows Update to wu-proxy.lan, port 8080
c:\> proxycfg -u
# Set proxy to Internet Explorer settings.

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Beagle and Hula

Stuff like this: Beagle is a search tool that ransacks your personal information space to find whatever you’re looking for. And this: Hula is a calendar and mail server. We are focused on building a calendar and mail server that people love to use, instead of broadly trying to build a “groupware server” that managers want to deploy.

Combined with Ubuntu is compelling to consider Gnome as a primary business desktop. Simple stuff that just works. KDE is all well and good but some times I think its too complicated.

Hula in itself looks like a very cool development:

Text Interfaces providing the possibility of:

Enhance the mailer to parse time information out of mails, so that
when people mail you and say “Are you free to meet tomorrow afternoon?”
the mailer picks out the phrase “tomorrow afternoon,” checks your
calendar for tomorrow afternoon and lets you know what appointments you
have, in a sidebar of the mail.

Looks like it inter-ops well with almost everything.

Progress will be followed with a keen eye and when I get my new Xen based virtual server in production I definitely be trying this one out.

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Powerbook, another comparison

Here is a another tip bit from my research. In Mac Forums – 1.5 vs 1.67 PBs – maccentral suggests little difference there was the following interesting comment by plinden about the relative performances of Powerbooks (and thus G4) vs IBM Thinkpad P-M:

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My Apple decision

After the discussions I had with my friend, I realised that a iBook+Mini combination was the most effective. I figured that for the price of an 15″ Powerbook, I could get both a 12″ iBook for travelling (light and long battery life) plus a Mini for the desk at home.

So straight away on Monday I went down to Magnum Mac and got a Mac Mini/1.42GHz Combo unit and then combined it with a Viewsonic VG712s from one of my wholesale accounts. For almost a third of the money saved getting the Combo over the Superdrive I also picked up a external dual layer USD2 DVD+RW burner. However, it looks like the burner doesn’t work natively in OSX, so I’ll have to get some third-party software. It might only work out at only half as cheap. This actually is the Mini I was planning to get for my mother anyway to replace the PC that she uses. Since I’m not going to be around as much, I wanted to find something for her that doesn’t require as much admin work. Still its a good exercise for myself to learn if the Mac is really want I want.

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Organising your mail

Started reading dwelle’s site after seeing an interesting post about tags. More on that later. He had a discussion about a post by Jeremy Zawodny on Is your email Inbox a stack or a queue?.

I tried to post a comment in response, but it didn’t like me for some reason.

One method I’ve found useful when using Thunderbird is the “Group By” sort feature. Copied from Outlook, it splits the message view pane into Today, Yesterday, This Week, Last Week and Older. Can be useful for quickly sorting messages into arrival periods.

Sometimes my Inbox count gets up to 1000+ messages, especially when I might be travelling or very busy. When it gets like that no matter what I constantly miss things. Even when its smaller, in a normal day dealing with 50+ messages, I will likely lose at least one message a week. This has lead me to start thinking about moving of my mail arrival management into an issue-tracker. Roundup say, but with some additional development.

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Kitten me

I’ve been told that this kitten “has this semi-philosophical, semi-deeply interested look you have when you eat something nice.”

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gmail invite spooler

Recently got 50 gmail invites. Here somewhere to dump some of them: gmail invite spooler.

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Here is a nice site to inspire some cuteness: Kittens.

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