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Alfresco and IMAP

This is something I’ve been wanting in a DMS for a while. Alfresco now have native IMAP support. They also offer apt-get installable goodness for januty. It is possible there is some performance issues with the IMAP functionality, but I’m sure these will be fixed.  It might be time for me to do another review the DMS landscape.

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Upgrading wordpress – please do

A popular NZ blog I follow got infected by something like the worm mention in this post. They were running a very old version of wordpress, 2.5.X or some such. When I spoke to one of them, they said they knew they were running an old version, but their answer was move to drupal. It just had not happened yet.  While their move might be for other reasons than security, leaving a public piece of software unmaintained while waiting for a replacement is a bad idea.

Upgrading wordpress is now pretty seamless. Please follow the advice in the wordpress post.

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Lanuchy is a quicksilver-like key stroke application lanucher for linux and windows. Very cool.

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JoikuSpot turns an S60 phone into a WiFi hotspot with the phone’s 3G connectivity. Seems like a clever idea.

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Mozilla Prism

Prism is an application that lets users split web applications out of their browser and run them directly on their desktop.” I’ve been waiting for something like Prism for a while, a means to pull out some of the long run tabs I use for webapps. It is often a PITA when your browse hangs because of some flaky site and you can’t access your other tabs. Prism still seems to use one thread: XULrunner. So it might not be a complete solution if you have several webapps and one causes problems for the others.

Plus flash doesn’t seem to be working at the moment. This might or might not be a good thing. Flash is one of the main causes of memory issues in Firefox. I have a couple sites using flash, the FX Oanda tracker for example, that I would like to split out of main Firefox browser.

Prism seems to handle http links intelligently. I’m guessing that links to external sites a passed-thru. At least with both Gmail and GReader it works as you would expect.

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Openoffice vs MS Office on a Terminal Server

Detailed look at OpenOffice vs MS Office on a Terminal Server by Bernhard Tritsch:

The results show that roughly 30 to 40% more users can sign on to the platform with Microsoft Office 2003 than with 2.1 with identical hardware and an identical configuration of the terminal server on Windows Server 2003 SP1. Even for terminal servers with Microsoft Office 2007, one can expect that the system resources can be used roughly 20% more efficiently than is possible on a system with This applies both for the 32-bit and the 64-bit version of Windows Server 2003 when used as the primary platform.

Memory requirements of all three Office Suites on 64-bit Windows Server 2003 are increased by the factor 1.1 to 1.5 if compared to the 32-bit platform.

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Halo 3 video

If you like Halo you should watch this video. Halo 3 promises to be an amazing looking game. I’m out of the country when it releases, but knowing my friends they’ll be ready for several coop replays by the time I get home again.

From digg.

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No, not OOXML again!

I’m sure this is a bit monotone to a few readers, but these two commentaries speak much better to the issues than I can. The 2nd particularly points to a fundamental issue: the independent process of standardisation is being pushed aside by the politics of business.

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I checked out OrangeHRM from the Sourceforge top ten list over the weekend and it looks quite useful.

Here is a quick review. Some of the functionality looks very useful.

The third major facility of OrangeHRM is a comprehensive leave management module. This provides entire workflow for an employee to request leave, with any number of approvers being able to review the request. Approved leave is recorded in a company calendar. At each stage, the appropriate people are notified of the status of the request and any actions he or she must take. This alone is of great benefit to many companies whether small or large saving both paper and time, as well as showing at a glance who will be away on any given day or week.

I use ipayroll to deal with most of the hassle of accounting for paye and doing payment batches, but the other side of organising when leave can be allocated over a couple branches can be a pita. Self-service might make this much easier.

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OpenXML again

It is painful reading the comments at Rod Drury > Open XML Crunch Time.

Robert O’Callahan has a useful comparison to the HTML standard.

Ignore the usually stupid naming call on both sides. Over and over, we have the same:

  1. Business case – Many billion documents in the old format.
  2. Business case – Cost to move away from Office
  3. Technical case – What happens to innovation?


  1. Business case – The future is not dependent on the past in this situation.
  2. Business case – Why should a ISO standard justify _your_ potential OOXML business model?
  3. Techical case – What happened to making it work?

Some of it seems to be what hear about at global whaling conference.

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