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Debian, simscan and qmail

I was using gadoyanvirus with some local modifications, but I was finding it having dfifficultly with Worm.Mytob.DK and viruu zip attachments. Simscan was a quick and easy install and it seems to work perfectly. Here are some notes about installing simscan on Debian. Requires QMAIL-QUEUE patch installed, which is part of the most recent debian packages.

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Openbsd: ‘interface groups and pf’

PF and Openbsd keep getting better: MARC: msg ‘interface groups and pf’.

block in on egress from (customer:network)…

there is an “egress” interface group now which follows the default routes. This interface group contains all interfaces which IPv4 and IPv6 default routes point to … So, imagine that on your notebook, where you are sometimes on wireless and sometimes on wired network connections – just write your pf.conf so that it refers to the egress group instead of wi0 and em0, and it will Just Work 🙂

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Solarias on Xen

Some comments from a OpenSolarias developer about Solarias on Xen.

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svk sync smerge

Bsag has made some changes and released Tracks 1.03, so I figured it was a good time to try out the smerge process with svk. This article has a good description of thesvk workflow process this involves.

Unfortunately it is a difficult merge due to whitespace formating changes. So it hides any of the real code changes that might have occured. In fact after the merge I had to unrevert some of the changes I made in my local trunk. svk smerge doesn’t seem to be able to view conflicts on a line by line base.

I have svk sync running on crontab, so to mirror branch in the local svk repository is pretty much constantly up to date. Star merging these changes into the local svk development branch and then onto my svn and svk working copies is the next job.

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svk and working with external project

I’ve been reading the svk documentation, which is somewhat lacking, working out the best way to setup an external development enviroment for tracks a Rails based GTD project I’ve been contributing too. I’m planning to port the Salted Hash Login Generator to Tracks. Currently I don’t have write access to the track subversion repository, so this lead me to try svk out.

I decided that I wanted a seperate subversion repository from the svk default depot for mirror tracks and tracking my changes. So I followed the basic setup for svk: svk depotmap –init. Then added ‘tracks’:/home/svn/tracks via svk depotmap.

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rhtml, vim and rails

Grab and install eruby.vim into ~/.vim/syntax. Then following this tip add:

au BufNewFile,BufRead *.rhtml set syn=eruby

to ~/.vimrc.

While you are at that, make sure you check out HowtoUseVimWithRails.

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