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Google CRM

Google are really opening up their platform for other people to develop interesting apps. Like this CRM, check the video demos it is quite functional and seems to be well integrated with some other Google apps. Even has the mandatory Outlook sync plug-in. I wonder if they have add an interface to gtalk/gchat, might be useful for handling incoming SIP calls, sending alerts, etc.

From the google blog.

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Dapper: Blotter (Blog Plotter)

I guess I need to work on my marketing:

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Gap Minder

It’s not often you see some that could make a difference in peoples understanding of the world.  Statistics and lies are often used together, but this is true of all knowledge. Without the tools to ask questions we can not hope to understand ourselves.

From slashdot, see also the Gap Minder homepage and have a play with the tool at google labs. Will be interesting to see if

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The Principals of Beautiful Design

The Principals of Beautiful Design looks like a interesting book to read. The author’s website for the book is cleverly put together. This from  Stylegala:

I was immediately attracted to the many qualities of this website. From its chilled blue colour scheme to the big friendly two column layout, it oozes quality. Even the unusual hand-drawn typeface works without detriment to the design.However the real “wow” factor becomes evident when you move your mouse over the navigation links, or click them. The unique visual prompts have been thoughtfully designed and portray a friendly, hands-on approach which I imagine fits the aura of the book like a tailor-made glove. Personally I would have removed the hover effect and left it to click only, but that’s something and nothing.

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Web 2.0 a story

From the RSS blog.

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Javascript gone crazy

Amiga and Civilization in javascript.

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Gizmo gets Flashed

This is quite clever. Using flash to build a zero-install voip  phone. No doubt we’ll be seeing phones this on corporate helpdesk pages in due course.

From: jkOnTheRun: Gizmo gets Flashed, makes calls from the browser

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Lighttpd, spawn-php and daemontools

This has been sitting forgotten on the draft queue for a while. I’m not using this setup at the moment, but the information is still useful.

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Now using Zenfolio

I’ve just signed up with Zenfolio. Flickr is good, but I was interested in finding a site which had 1) a system for organising photos more to my taste, and 2) allow me to create private collections of photos without forcing my viewers to sign up.

I discovered Zenfolio while looking at a review of Smugmug. These two seem to be the best on the market at the moment in the area that I’m interested. Zenfolio has everything a need, plus is cheaper than Smugmug at the moment.

Zenfolio has three concepts for organising pictures: Galleries, Collections and Groups. Galleries provide the basic unit for storing pictures, Collections collect links to photos from your own or other people’s galleries and Groups provide a means for organising with Galleries or Collections into folders or sub-folders.

The second feature that I needed is provided by the means to add a simple password to a picture, gallery, collection or group. This access settings can be inherited by items contained within.

Once the dns change is pushed though, you will be able to access my gallery directly via

I’ve only got a few things up at the moment, I’m still working on organising my photos and I’ve basically started using Zenfolio right now so I can share some private pictures of my new house with the family. In the next couple months I’ll be migrating much of my photo album onto Zenfolio.

In fact one of my planned blog entries is a discussion about how I use Bibble Pro and Picasa (at this stage) to organise my pictures and how I back them up to online storage.
If Zenfolio looks like something you might want to try, please use this referal code: 9SG-PW3-SXZ. Both of us with get $5 off.

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Firefox is going to kick Internet Explorers Ass

Extensions like this adaptiveblue:

With the blueorganizer Firefox extension, your browser becomes smarter. It helps you personalize your web experience based on what you already like. It harnesses your information to help you discover relevant new information and save time.

and S3Fox Organizer for Amazon:

This firefox extension(browser plugin) provides an user friendly interface for Amazon’s S3 (Simple Storage Service) . Its interface is very much similar to the FTP interface that lists local folders in the left panel and S3 buckets/files/folders in the right panel. Files/folders can be moved from the local computer to Amazon’s storage space and vice versa. Follow the pre-requisites & steps described below to start using S3Fox Organizer.

are just not possible or likely to happen with IE. The Firefox ecosphere of extensions makes the Internet a whole lot more interesting.

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