4501 Bios upgrade

I’m planning to move my router infrastructure to flashboot from flashdist. I’ve got one of my soekris units back from the field, time to do a bios upgrade and some general service before I prepare the dev images for testing.

First things first, add myself to the dialer group so I don’t have to go root in order to access the tty00 device. Then its time to install lrzsz:

[harness:/usr/ports/comms/lrzsz] sudo make
[harness:/usr/ports/comms/lrzsz] sudo make install

Fire up tip and boot myself into the bios menu

tip -19200 tty00
1 Seconds to automatic boot. Press Ctrl-P for entering Monitor.

comBIOS Monitor. Press ? for help.

Grab the bios file from Soekris. and in tips:

Start sending file using XMODEM protocol.
~CLocal command? lsx b4501x_124.bin
Sending b4501x_124.bin, 1024 blocks: Give your local XMODEM receive command now.
Bytes Sent: 131072 BPS:1736

The tricky then to remeber is if you are doing this remotely and connection the serial connector via ssh to use ssh -e none.
This allows you to use the tips command ~C.

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  1. Jasper Said,

    January 2, 2006 @ 3:05 am

    you can use


    when ssh sees ~~ it turns it into a ~, you just have to remeber the extra layer your working through.

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