Migrating to Firefox from Galeon

Galeon is getting somewhat unstable, and takes forever to render pages. Somewhat annoying. Even though I prefer its UI to a degree over firefox, its time to move.

In face I probably would have moved earlier, but I have a lot of passwords stored in the galeon passwords files. For the life of my I could find the right google search string to decode the file and import into mozilla or firefox. I gave up several times, which for me is pretty bad as I pride myself on being any to find anything with google.

Well another evening attempting to hit the problem with a hammer was fruitness. Python anydbm wouldn’t work as current debian unstable python-bsddb3 isn’t comptiable with Berkley DB 1.85 format files. Finding then trying to copy the files into mozilla refused to work.

Finally, I got luckly. Google Search: show password in galeon and hit the jackpot:- SourceForge.net:
galeon-user: Password Retrieval (Bank freeze)

Supposely the passwords are stored in Base64. One nice guy even put a perl decoder script together:

use MIME::Base64;
 my %curhash = ();
 my @hashlist = ();
 my $step = 0;
 while (<>) {
     if ($_ =~ /^#/) {
     } elsif ($_ =~ /^\./) {
         push @hashlist, {%curhash};
         %curhash = ();
         $step = 0;
     } else {
         if ($step == 0) {
             $curhash{StringSiteName} = $_;
             $step = 1;
         } else {
             $curhash{$_} = decode_base64 (<>);
 foreach (@hashlist) {
     foreach my $k (keys %$_) {
         print $k, "->", $_->{$k}, ", ";
     print "\n";

There was also a link to another interesting page with a large number of bookmarklets that let you interact with forms on web pages more efficiently.

Particularly: view passwords


  1. Dale Amon Said,

    December 27, 2004 @ 3:23 pm

    Program works fine. Now how did you get all of your passwords *imported* into Firefox? I hope the answer isn’t that you had a small enough number that you just retyped them…

  2. Nicholas Lee Said,

    December 30, 2004 @ 10:52 pm

    Sorry, do not have the answer you want. I've just been reentering my passwords at need, most of the passwords aren't commonly used. One method I did try originally was transferring the dot-s files to firefox. Unfortunately that did not work very well. Best of luck with your investigation. There might be a plugin that can help. Personally I'm keen to have something so I can export and import passwords at will.

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