Ruby & Quentin

Saw this movie yesterday as part of the New Zealand 2004 Film Festival.

Its a French comedy directed by Francis Veber, with Gérard Depardieu as Quentin, a good-natured idiot embarking on a life of crime, and Jean Reno as hard-boiled Ruby, a vengeful crook with enemies everywhere.

The IMDB entry titles the movie as Tais-toi, which I’m told by a friend is French for Shut-Up. Quentin certain this part as the village idiot, Charlie Chaplin French style. The open scene being a comic hold up by Quentin that lands him in jail. Its there that the French title for this movie is derived. Quentin is moved from cell to cell where he proceeds to drive his fellow inmates crazy by constantly talking. That is until he meets Ruby. A wacky jail escape is followed with high-jinx around Paris being chased by both police and the villain.

This movie is definitely funny, the best scene being where Ruby & Quentin taunt the villain over the phone with a moo device.

Well worth an afternoon.

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