Is that a PC is your pocket?

I’m not sure I trust Sony, but the Sony U-70 sure looks sexy. Small nootbooks and PDAs are rapidly converging on each other. Another interesting unit is the Pocket Loox 720 by Fujitsu. Particular since it can “operate as a USB 1.1 host”.

Last year I almost bought a Fujitsu P-1120. In the end I decided both that it didn’t have USB2 and that I could wait. Although it could fit in a pocket, it just didn’t quite seem to have enough modern features.

Now that I’m off the beast-master system upgrade horse, having replaced my gaming platform with the XBox, and in the process saving myself a lot of cash. My remaining goal is too thin-client myself. With a combination of Win4Lin, Crossover, KDE and NX running on top of UML, I can set myself up almost anywhere running almost anything.

These pocket based systems combined with WiFi and GPRS certainly seem like a good step along that way. Your front end becomes nearly throw-away.

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