Discovered QEMU today.

After a quick apt-get install qemu I was able to run a quick test successfully:

nic@thunder:/vol/nfs/lode/other/bsd/openbsd/3.4$ qemu-fast -fda floppy34.fs

At the moment, I’m running my openbsd dev machine on an old Tecra 8100 (P3-600) laptop. I use this to compile sources for my flashboot based routers. Qemu both seems like a easier mechanism than boches to test these images, plus a method to retire that laptop to some other use and centralise the openbsd dev work to another machine. I’ve tried this previously on vmware, but it was never reliable. make world would always throw sig-11 faults.

Supposedly Qemu (non fast version) has about an 8 time slow down. My dual 2.4Ghz Xeon would be perfect.

The ideal I searching for though is not quite there. I’d love to be able to run openbsd and linux side by side on my colo machine. Let openbsd/pf+altq deal with the firewall and traffic management, and have linux provide the application server. I was hoping that Xen might do this job, but I don’t think quite there yet.

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