Psion 5MX and P800 – GPRS

Used a combination of these three pages to get it GPRS working though my SonyEricsson P800 so I can use Syossh.

  1. Nokia 7110+Psion GPRS
  2. Psion 5mx – Ericsson T39m – XS4ALL – GPRS

  • Tap on System.
    • Tap on Control Panel.
    • Tap on Modems
    • Tap on New
      1. In Name field enter P800
      2. Set Speed to 115200 baud
      3. Set Connect via to Infrared
      4. Set Fax class to 1
    • Select the Options tab
      1. Set Loudspeaker in use to Never
      2. Set Volume to Quiet
      3. Set Pause time for “,” to 4 seconds
    • Select the Initialisation tab
      1. In Init. (reset) string enter ATZ
      2. Ensure Data init. string and Fax init. string are blank
    • Select the Advanced tab
      1. Set Flow control to Hardware (RTS/CTS)
      2. Tick the Terminal detect (DSR/DTR) box.
      3. Tick the Carrier detect (DCD) box.
      4. Set Modem type to Mobile
    • Tap OK twice.
  • Tap Internet.
    • Tap New.
    • Tap OK.
    • In Name enter GPRS
    • Set Connection type to Dial-up
    • Remove the tick from the Use “smart” dialling box
    • In Standard dial-up number enter: *99#
    • Select the Account tab
      1. Make sure Manual login is ticked
      2. No username or password
    • Select the Addresses tab
      1. Tick the Get IP address from server box
      2. Tick the Get DNS address from server box.
    • Select the Login tab.
      1. Ensure all boxes are unticked.
    • Select the Advanced tab
      1. Check that Enable PP extensions
      2. And Allow plain text authentication box are ticked
      3. Tap done
    • Tap OK.

Turn on IRDA (Modem) on your P800 and started Syossh on the Psion.

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