Cleaning out the junk

I’ve been cleaning out my junk pile of old parts at Trademe. You’ll probably have to read though my feedback in order to see exactly what I’ve sold.

Anyway there really is a pile of junk at the bottom of my stairs. Old software and hardware bits dating back to 1996 and earlier. 5.25 inch floppies, zip drives, 14.4K modems, all crapola.

Most interesting thing I’ve found so far is my old InfoMagic Linux Developers Resource – April 1996 six CD pack. My second install experience with Linux, the first being an aborted attempt to get Redhat 3.0 going, on a SCSI system. I think at the time I finally installed Slackware 3.0 on Linux 1.2.20, but the disk also contained Debian 0.93R6. I don’t think I start using Debian until the end of 1997, after a brief fling with Stampede.

Pieces of history.

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