Beagle and Hula

Stuff like this: Beagle is a search tool that ransacks your personal information space to find whatever you’re looking for. And this: Hula is a calendar and mail server. We are focused on building a calendar and mail server that people love to use, instead of broadly trying to build a “groupware server” that managers want to deploy.

Combined with Ubuntu is compelling to consider Gnome as a primary business desktop. Simple stuff that just works. KDE is all well and good but some times I think its too complicated.

Hula in itself looks like a very cool development:

Text Interfaces providing the possibility of:

Enhance the mailer to parse time information out of mails, so that
when people mail you and say “Are you free to meet tomorrow afternoon?”
the mailer picks out the phrase “tomorrow afternoon,” checks your
calendar for tomorrow afternoon and lets you know what appointments you
have, in a sidebar of the mail.

Looks like it inter-ops well with almost everything.

Progress will be followed with a keen eye and when I get my new Xen based virtual server in production I definitely be trying this one out.

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