OpenOffice.org2 and Ubuntu

Unfortunately using Debian experimental, which currently has debs for 1.9.108, in Ubuntu is probably a bad idea. So here is a recipe for converting the official RPMs for use on Ubuntu. First thing, make sure java. is installed, otherwise follow this and install jre from backports. Next download OOo\_1.9.109\_LinuxIntel_install.tar.gz. Both these will take a while. (150Mb+). Finally make sure you (apt-get) install alien.

Now you have a couple choices. Either this guide or the modifed script from this comment based on this guide. Personally I used the later method.

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  1. mre0281 Said,

    August 12, 2005 @ 10:47 pm


    \# Download and debianize OpenOffice 2 beta
    \# ----- Alberto Piai, april 2005
    \# ----- Marc Rodriguez, july 2005
    \# Released under GNU GPL license
    \# Credits:
    \# Based on
    \# by Peo e no0tic

    \# Requirements:

    \# -a Java Runtime Environment is needed by OOo for full functionality
    \# -OOo 1.x COMPLETELY uninstalled from the system


    test ! -x $WORKDIR || (
    echo "* There's already a $WORKDIR directory..."
    echo "* Rename it or remove it before going on"
    echo "* Or just change the WORKDIR variable in this script!"
    test ! -x $WORKDIR || exit 0

    if [ -f $CURDIR/$FILE_NAME ];
    echo "* Found the tar.gz in this directory!"
    echo "* Not going to download it again"
    echo "* Download the tar.gz......"

    mkdir $WORKDIR
    cd $WORKDIR

    echo "* Extracting tar.gz package....."
    tar zxf $FILE_NAME
    cd SRC*
    mv * ..
    cd ..

    touch debian-binary
    echo "2.0" > debian-binary

    echo "* Adapting it to Debian / Ubuntu:"
    echo "* --> removing unnecessary files"

    rm -f RPMS/desktop-integration/openofficeorg-redhat-menus-$VERSIONE-1.noarch.rpm
    rm -f RPMS/desktop-integration/openofficeorg-suse-menus-$VERSIONE-1.noarch.rpm
    rm -f RPMS/desktop-integration/openofficeorg-mandriva-menus-$VERSIONE-1.noarch.rpm

    echo "* --> extracting RPMs........."
    mv RPMS/desktop-integration/openofficeorg-freedesktop-menus-$VERSIONE-1.noarch.rpm RPMS/
    for file in `ls RPMS/*.rpm` ;
    do rpm2cpio $file|cpio -idm &> /dev/null;

    rm -f RPMS -R

    # Crea la directory etc e fai i link necessari
    echo "* --> preparing /etc directory and its links"
    mkdir etc
    mkdir etc/
    cd etc/
    ln -s ../../opt/$VERSIONE/share .
    ln -s ../../opt/$VERSIONE/program .
    cd ../..

    echo "* Packaging data..."
    tar zcf data.tar.gz opt usr etc
    rm -f opt -R
    rm -f usr -R
    rm -f etc -R

    echo -n "* Packaging .deb file........"

    echo "Package: openoffice-snapshot"> control
    echo "Version: $VERSIONE" >> control
    echo "Architecture: i386" >> control
    echo "Description: Snapshot of openoffice m680" >> control

    tar zcf control.tar.gz control
    rm -f control

    ar r openoffice-snapshot_$VERSIONE.deb debian-binary &> /dev/null
    rm -f debian-binary
    ar r openoffice-snapshot_$VERSIONE.deb control.tar.gz
    rm -f control.tar.gz
    ar r openoffice-snapshot_$VERSIONE.deb data.tar.gz
    rm -f data.tar.gz

    echo " OK"

    echo "* Cleaning up..."
    cp $WORKDIR/*.deb $CURDIR
    cd $CURDIR
    rm -rf $WORKDIR

    echo "* Done!!!"
    echo "* If you already uninstalled OpenOffice 1.x"
    echo "* install the .deb file with:"
    echo "* sudo dpkg -i openoffice-snapshot_$VERSIONE.deb"

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