Hyper-Threading stats

An interesting set of stats pulled from: Mac Forums – Pentium M and Yonah Processors in Upcoming Macs?

With HT enabled, I can run two copies of the job, but they each take 3 CPU hours (and the two finish in 3 wall clock hours).

So, in a day, I can run 12 jobs without hyper-threading, or 16 jobs with hyper-threading. My Opterons do about 13 per day per CPU. (3.6 GHz/1MiB Xeon, 2.6GHz Opteron)

Is it slower with HT – by one measure, yes. Is it faster with HT – by a different measure, yes.

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  1. Richard Parry Said,

    August 17, 2005 @ 2:21 pm

    HT is rather random, and all in all I prefer to not have it.

    You can always disable it in the BIOS. It really can do two things at once in certain situations, but it competes with resources on the same core. And generally it’s implemented into machines without SMP-aware setups, so they’re not ready for doing two things at once.

    I prefer AMD’s approach, where you just make more efficient cores.

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