Being an open relay for a couple days

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Fscken spam.

With the upgrades to my network I closed down one of my old mail MX and pointed it via smptroutes to my new mail hub over the internal VPN. Unfortunately I deleted rcpthosts and then opened myself up as a relay. Rcpthost for * the spammer says, nice!

Note to self, always make sure rcpthosts exists; tcp.smtp is not sufficent.

Thankfully its easy enough to delete with qmqtool -d -f ‘’.

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I should also close the firewall to my old mail MX now the DNS records have been updated. Luckily some changes to the default route while doing some testing this morning stop a lot of the spam. Live and learn.

Some quick analysis of my logs and I guess it could have been worse.

[nic@mail:~/log] zgrep success: mail.log | wc -l

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