Some cool stuff

Run across a pile of interesting tools and cool gadgets of the last couple days:

URLy Warning is a Windows version of curl, cron and diff. Undoubtablely useful for you stock trader friends.

LibraryThing is like flickr/, but for your books. I wish I’d discovered this before I’d purchase Delicious Library. Definitely more useful when travelling. Although the video barcode scanning is damn useful.

The Noguchi Filing System, a useful management hack for organising paperwork. Particularily useful as it provides an inbuilt method for dealing with when to archive.

I’ve been thinking about trying out a PSP for quite a well. Now I’ve got a Treo 650 (which is a very good phone and reasonable good PDA, review to come sometime in the future), my iPAQ hx4700 is now really finding time only for reading dot-lit ebooks. If I could find some way to read dot-lit and ereader ebooks on the PSP. Then ombined with the Neo 4-in-1 Pad the PSP would quite useful. AA battery option, CF or SD slot. Combined with the large clean screen it would become the better travel companion, with a much improved form factor over the hx4700.

Some what odd but cool, a gamer pillow raises heads, lowers posture expectations. Not that I game much these days, but the several other places this might be useful, like as one commenter states on a plane.

Finally from: TED Blog: Inspired Holiday Gifts, Part 2:

For someone who loves entertainment … and being first on the block: Sony LocationFree TV. Watch your Tivo’d programs, local TV, or your DVD collection from anywhere in the world. The base station in your home streams the video over a broadband connection; the LocationFree TV screen — or your PlayStation Portable handheld! — receives it at the other end. All we can say is: Wow. TEDster Dan Dubno’s review (in his holiday gift guide), will get them started. $1099 w/7-inch TV at SonyStyle

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