iFolder and Simple Server

I’ve been looking for a good system for integrating mobile workers and seperate into a central file storage system. One option I’ve been considering is subversion/webdrive, combined with something like ViceVersa for the smart power users so they can keep a local copy. Another is iFolder, which with its subscription folders since like a very interest method for streaming file collections to users.

Currently unless you want to buy Novell Open Enterprise Server, you have to use Simple Server. Unfortunately it seems that Simple Server is only good for a private network.

Apache: Enterprise Server runs behind apache using the apache module mod_mono. Simple Server has it’s own embedded http server (which by the way doesn’t currently support SSL). You are not going to get the same performance or load handling using Simple Server.

Not quite a flexible as WebDav+SSL for external clients. Still most mobile workstations should in most cases have VPN access.
The Ubuntu Wiki has a useful guide for building the package from source, which probably applies equally well to Debian.

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