kontrawize: VMware Server versus VMware Workstation

Some useful notes about VMware Server versus VMware Workstation

If, like me, you run VMware on a laptop, you face the issue of what happens to your VMware sessions when the host’s battery runs out of power, and the host wants to shut down. Neither Workstation nor Server does a perfect job of shutting down the guest sessions cleanly before the host shuts down, not in my experience, but Server definitely does a better job.

and from part 4

The actual limitation is that it doesn’t support sound when your client console is connected to a remote machine running VMware Server. The sound appeared to be disabled in my guest sessions on my laptop initially (i.e. the sound icon had a ‘disabled’ icon superimposed on it), which confused me. I’m not sure what changed, to be honest, but the sound is fine now, and it does indeed work for the client sessions on my laptop.

This guy has a good review.

At the moment I also trying out Parallels which is the only system to use the Core Duo VT features. Unfortunately Parallels doesn’t seem to be able to import the VMware disk images I’ve been using.

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