Installing Zimbra OS on Ubuntu

It’s pretty easy to get Open Source Zimbra running on Ubuntu 6.06 LTS base server install:

admin@mail:~/$ wget ""
admin@mail:~/$ tar zxf zcs-4.5.3_GA_733.UBUNTU6.tgz
admin@mail:~/$ cd zcs
admin@mail:~/zcs$ sudo apt-get install libidn11 curl fetchmail libpcre3 libgmp3c2 libexpat1 libxml2 openssl perl-modules
admin@mail:~/zcs$ ./

The Zimbra install script is quite straight forward, trickest thing is watching out for the hostname of the server vs the domain you are hosting. ie. vs Also look out for the option to change from http only (default) mode to either both or https only for the webmail client.
Couple useful pages

Zimbra is documented quite well. In fact could be held up as an example too almost all system application howto do this well.

Update: I forgot to add that I tried to get Zimbra working last year on Ubuntu and had major issues. They have made excellent progress over this period.

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