Linux in a Solaris Zone

A quick run on the Solaris method (Brandz) for running Linux. You can also do this with Solaris as a xen dom0.

Personally, I’ll stick to plain Solaris zones. I’m over the worst of the Solaris learning curve. I’m looking at Solaris for servers and most of the apps I want to run are open source. It’s a lot less hassle to build from source (or use blastwave) than to maintain Yet Another OS Instance just to run the same apps against glibc.

Zones gives you multiple environments without the hassle of multiple OSes to maintain, which most virtualization solutions seem to overlook. In addition, Solaris resource management is very fine grained inside a zone (per-project limits can co-exist with per-zone limits). I can’t say the same for other OSes I’ve tried. This helps to minimize the number of zones you need.

Haven’t got to this point in my Solaris experience yet, its a heavy learning curve. Especially without something decent like Running Linux. Work in progress as I say.

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