From Brian Madden – Login Consultants releases a massive framework that can automate pretty much everything. Oh, and it’s free:

It’s called the Solution4 Framework (or “S4 Framework” for short), and it’s basically a huge set of scripts, scripts, tools, and more scripts that you can use to completely manage your Terminal Server or Citrix Presentation Server farm.

The whole S4 Framework concept is massive (and massively confusing). Let me try to explain it like this: Those of you who are familiar with Flex Profiles know how they work. Flex Profiles are more-or-less scripts that specify what user registry keys get saved centrally when a user logs off. Another script runs at logon that puts those keys back. The Flex Profile “Kit” is just a ZIP file with some sample scripts and some utilities to make it all work.

Now imagine the Flex Profile Kit concept, except applied to EVERYTHING instead of just profiles. This is what the S4 Framework is. You can use it to manage user profiles, application and EXE security, application publishing, the user desktop, the installation and configuration of Presentation Server, application installation and configuration, CMC settings, group policies, server maintenance, etc.

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