Thunderbird sync with Zimbra and GCal

After seeing this post about Contact syncing with Zimbra and Thunderbird by Zindus. I figured I also see what progress the Mozilla Calender project had made.

Last time I checked Mozilla Calender was at 0.3, it is now at 0.7 and has come a long way. Installing 0.7 and adding an ICS shared link calender link from Zimbra just works and is very cool. It is possible to add events from Thunderbird, but I’ve noticed some issues deleting events. Tasks can also be added, but with Zimbra 4.5 they don’t seem to appear in the WebUI.

Some even further cool is the Provider for Google Calender, which also allows you to sync via the Private XML link to Google Calenders. Adding and deleting events seems to work with this provider, but not tasks.

Update: Zimbra events in Thunderbird can be “deleted” by cancelling them. (note from p24t: As of 5.0RC1 and earlier, Calendar events cannot be ‘deleted’ from Tbird. They must be marked as ‘Status: Cancelled’ through the properties dialog ‘More’ section (lightning 0.5) or from the menu Options -> Status -> Cancelled (lightning 0.7RC1) )

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  1. Said,

    February 10, 2008 @ 8:36 pm

    Zimbra: Thunderbird Kalender und Kontakt Sync…

    Nachdem es mit Zindus ein prima Open Source Contact syncing Tool für Zimbra und Thunderbird gibt, ist es an der Zeit den Mozilla Celender zu betrachten. Dieser soll seit Version 0.3 nun mit Version 0.7 gute Fortschritte gemacht haben. Mit einem eingeb…

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