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Kitten me

I’ve been told that this kitten “has this semi-philosophical, semi-deeply interested look you have when you eat something nice.”

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Here is a nice site to inspire some cuteness: Kittens.

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Cleaning out the junk

I’ve been cleaning out my junk pile of old parts at Trademe. You’ll probably have to read though my feedback in order to see exactly what I’ve sold.

Anyway there really is a pile of junk at the bottom of my stairs. Old software and hardware bits dating back to 1996 and earlier. 5.25 inch floppies, zip drives, 14.4K modems, all crapola.

Most interesting thing I’ve found so far is my old InfoMagic Linux Developers Resource – April 1996 six CD pack. My second install experience with Linux, the first being an aborted attempt to get Redhat 3.0 going, on a SCSI system. I think at the time I finally installed Slackware 3.0 on Linux 1.2.20, but the disk also contained Debian 0.93R6. I don’t think I start using Debian until the end of 1997, after a brief fling with Stampede.

Pieces of history.

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Nerd Score

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Fish Feeding

Economics applies even to fish feeding.

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One day it would be nice to fly or lift some how into space.

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Traffic Waves

Great discussion on the the physics behind traffic jams.

One of the crazy things about driving in Auckland is that I find it is common to see a grandmother with kids in the back seat running red lights. In one case, I had a “grandma with kid car” next to me, she was speeding up for a yellow. Then she saw a police car about to enter the intersection from the cross direction. She had more than enough time to stop, but it was obvious that without the cop, she’d have run that red light.

The most annoying about driving in Auckland are the drivers that get onto the motorway, pull straight into the right (fast) lane and sit on 90. Its like they prefer cars overtaking them on the left. Transit NZ should start putting “Keep Left” signs on the motorway.

I think there is a shortage of “smart motorist” in Auckland.

While we are on this topic, I have this one comment. More roads do not mean less congestion. They simply mean bigger car parks for when the population of the town has increased and the balance between car ownership vs no public transport infrastructure meets needing to work on the other side of town.

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The Girl Next Door

Went out with a couple friends last night. Was one of those situations where you have to deal with movie selection. As you might expect that can be difficult. Ignoring the movie one person has already seen (Bourne Supremacy) and everyone else wants to see. Finding the movies that nobody has seen, but not including the movie (Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story) that one person particular doesn’t want to see.

That sorted we ended up going to seeing The Girl Next Door. Surprising it was enjoyable. Slightly different take of romantic comedy. So many moments where it could have gone all bad, but enough twists to keep you satisfied. As per usual with Hollywood, its important to suspend belief.

I’d say if you seen all the other good movies and you want to have a fun night out, its definitely worth the movie ticket.

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Cat Doors

Time to get a cat door and get rid of the hole under the house the cats have been using up until now.

These guys look like they have the best selection: The Cat Door Company and this door looks the best. We definitely need some sort of the controlled entry door here as the cat density in our area exceeds the human density. The question is though, will our 16 year old cat Grey like wearing a collar.

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Woman Is the Future of Man

Went to see this movie on the 23rd.

Was a some what weird exploration of Korean life. Very a raw movie, with the story not holding together very well at the end. Unless maybe if you where Korean. Unfortunately I think might have enjoyed Before Sunset instead. It happened to be on at the same time. In fact a friend told me a couple days later that she really enjoyed it.

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